A collaborative, eco, working community.

Halton Mill mixes workspace with creative & community space, in a characterful, sustainable & supportive environment.

Our vision is simple

To create a vibrant & inspiring environment in which small businesses, social enterprises, community based organisations, craftspeople, artists & freelancers can flourish.
To do this with regard to the environmental impact of our business activities & to share resources & facilities.

Vibrant & inspiring environment

We have something for you, whether you want a friendly
place to work or relax, a venue to hold your event or class, or
space to develop your creativity.
We are full of interesting people, unusual events, & opportunities to mix with others. You never quite know what will be happening or who will turn up.
That’s part of the fun of spending time at the Mill.


We have the space, contacts & resources to support our users in their creative endeavours & to help make their ideas a reality. We'll try to help whatever you want to do - put on a performance, run a class, hold an exhibition, find a place to work,  meet like-minded people or search out some expertise.

Respect the environment

Treading lightly on the planet is central to our ethos – we are
powered by locally produced, renewable energy, and we are
working towards becoming net zero by 2030.

Share resources & facilities

We provide opportunities for people to socialise, encouraging them to help each other out & explore potential collaborations. We are a cooperative – anyone can join and influence the way we run.

We are committed to being eco-friendly & ethical.

In late 2021, Green Elephant, the cooperative that runs Halton Mill, declared a climate & ecological emergency.
We set ourselves the aim of being carbon neutral by 2030.

Our cooperative.

Green Elephant is registered as a cooperative to allow the people using Halton Mill to influence how the place is run.

Eva Hermacinski

 former owner & managing director of Luneside Engineering, & daughter of Luneside Engineering founder

Appreciate and love this place as much as my father did

Myself and my daughter are delighted with what we see. I was sad when I sold the place and distraught when I saw how it was falling to ruin. I could never imagine it being put to a better use by a better bunch of people, people who appreciate and love this place as much as my father did.”

This project is part financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas. Defra is the managing authority for this grant funding.

We have a huge amount of expertise & experience that we can share.

The advantage of working in a community of people wanting to reduce their environmental impact, is that we can do it more effectively together.