January 16, 2023


Halton Mill

New tenant - Current Conductors

New Tenant - Current Conductors Ltd

At the beginning of the year we welcomed a new tenant into Unit 1.1a.

Zac Bennington

Zac, had been running his electronic repair company from his home in Halton village until the opportunity arose to apply for a unit at Halton Mill. Following a successful application, all the directors were delighted to invite Zac to take the unit.

Zac moved in at the start of the new year - new year, new space.

Zac's company Current Conductors Ltd, specialises in circuit board and electronic device repair, soldering and all things electronics.

Serving both private and commercial customers, the company repairs anything from laptops to industrial control units.

Zac's aim is to save you money by repairing your items, so you don't have to buy new. It also cuts the carbon emissions involved in producing electronic goods and reduces electronic waste in landfills.

Current Conductors offer a reliable and cost-effective repair service for circuit boards. "We understand that finding replacements can be expensive or no longer available, our trained specialists are IPC Certified and always kept up to date on the newest technology so can recognize and solve a wide variety of problems, saving our customers thousands of pounds each month."

You can visit their website at www.currentconductors.co.uk, send an email to enquire@currentconductors.co.uk, or call them on 01524 230660.

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